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Oct 11 & 12 Able and Kathy win back to back Best Owner Handler in Show!

  Oct 10 Fancy earns her CDX Title with Bobbie Morgan!

Aug Fly and Cara title in Rally Novice!

June  Able and Kathy get Owner Handler Best in Show!

                                                           June 6  Wil, Stella and Goldie test Normal for PRA1

  April 26 Jasper gets best puppy in group!

  April 7 Stella leaves for her new home with Betty. We hope to see them in the agility ring soon!

March 30 Felix gets WD for his 3rd point!

March 29 Sari gets WB and BOS for 2 more points!

  Jan 19 Felix gets WD and BOW  on his  first win!

Jan 16-18 Sari gets WB twice and reserve once for her first wins!

Oct-Dec -13 Pearl is back in the ring winning 4 straight BOS at Papillon Specialty shows to complete her grand championship!

10-6-13 Stella has a litter of 4, 2 boys and 2 girls

  8-16-13  Ivan gets BISS at Sierra Nevada! And Select at the second show!

  9-20&21-13 Woody wins BOB X 2 in Montana  for 5 point majors and finishing his Grand!

8-16-13  Ivan gets BISS at PAPS! And best of breed at the all breed follow up show

6-13-13 Wiley wins a 4 point major in ID!

  6-8-13  Fin gets BOB for a 4 point major to finish his Championship in Puyallup WA!

5-11-13 Rudy goes to his new home with Terry!

3-27 & 28-13 Wiley gets best puppy (puppy group 3) and BOW for his first point

3-27 & 28-13 Ivan gets BOB X 2 in Bakersfield CA and a group 3!

3-8-10-13 Ivan gets BOB X 3 in Hanford CA and a group 2!

3-08-13 Stella and Ivan's litter is born, 2 boys and 2 girls!

2-23-13 Woody wins BOB In Albany OR and major toward his Grand!

2-22-24-13 Ivan gets BOB X 3 in Del Mar CA and a group 4!

2-28-13 Pearl and Wil have a litter of 4 girls and 1 boy!

2-17-13 Ivan gets BOB in Santa Clara CA!

2-1-4-13 Ivan wins BOB x 4, 2 group 4's and a group 2 in Phoenix!

12-8-12 Regan earns his CD!

11-23&24-12 Fin gets 2 more points in CA

11-17-12  Spring wins a major in NC!

  11 14-12 Brio goes to his new home with Anne Spalding

11 7-12 Faith goes to her new home with Bonnie Kost

11 3&4-12 Able wins BOB in San Angelo TX

10-11-12 Cai goes to his new home with Joanna His blog:

10-11&14-12 Fin gets BOW in Boise for 2 more points

Able wins BOB 6 times with Kathy so far!

9-28-12 Ivan wins 2 majors in one day at the Sierra NV Specialty show, New CH!

8-7-12 Stella and Wil's litter is born, a sable girl and a tri boy

8-1-12 Able moves to New Mexico with Kathy Taylor!

7-27-12 Pearl and Wil have a litter of 4, 2 boys, 2 girls

7-1-12 Ivan wins 2 days in Redmond OR.

  7-1-12 Woody wins BOB In Redmond OR and earns several GCH points

6-24-12  Ivan gets WD / BOW in Canby OR.

6-20 & 24-12 Able wins BOB x 2 and a group 3  in  Montana

6-12 & 13-12 Able wins BOB and a group 3  in  Filer Idaho

  6-9-12 Woody finishes his championship in Puyallup WA with a major! Great job Bonnie!

5-29-12 Able wins BOB in Idaho.

  5-5-12  Able wins BOB in Elma, WA.

4-21 & 22-12 Able wins BOB in Idaho with a group 4 and group 1 placements

4-1-12 Woody is BOW at Albany, OR.

3-31-12 Stella  wins Best Brood Bitch at the PCA National Specialty

3-27-12 Able wins BOS in Sweepstakes at the PCA National Specialty

3-24&25-12 Able wins BOB X 2 and a Group 4 in Bremerton, WA.

2-25-12  Ivan gets WD in Albany OR.

2-24-12 Able wins BOB and a Group 4 in Albany OR.

2-24-12 Wil sires a lovely litter for friends

  2-06-12 Maya Goes to her new home with Katie!

  2-04 & 05-12  King finishes his Grand Championship! BOB X 2 in Hobbs, NM

  Able finishes the year at #17 Papillon in breed points!

  12-9-11 Stella  earns her Grand Champion Title!

    1-17-12  Wil sires a lovely litter for Janis McLaren

  1-8-12 Regan earns his Novice Fast title and a couple excellent legs!

   1-8-12 Fancy earns her NF title!

  12-9-11 Able gets Best in Specialty show! Plus 2 more BOB wins on the weekend!

12-8-11 Pearl gets BOS for another major toward her GCH

  12-9-11 Stella  earns her Grand Champion Title!

12-8-11 Ivan gets Best Puppy in Specialty Show

  12-8-11 Peter shows Fin to a 3 point major and Best Phalene in Specialty Show!

  12-8-11 Regan earns his Beginner Novice title!

  11-26-11 Oreo and Judy earn their second MACH !!! Watch their MACH run on youtube

11- 26& 27-11 Regan gets his OA OAJ titles! Watch him run on youtube

11- 19 & 20-11 Regan earns 2 OAJ legs and 1 OA leg in agility!

11-17, 18 & 20-11 Woody gets BOW at Roseburg, OR.

  11-18 & 20-11 Able gets his Grand Champion title! BOB x 2 in Roseburg, OR, and a Group 2 !

  11-12-11 Fin goes to his new home with Peter Mueller. Watch for them in Conformation & Juniors!

  10-30-11 Regan earns 2 legs of Beginner Novice and his CGC !

  10-30-11 Able gets BOB in Vancouver, Mom Stella gets more select points

  New pictures on Regan's page

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  10-16-11 Lili earns W-FD title for Healing to Music!

  10-15&16-11 Mary and  Myfriend Carolina Spring get WB, BOS in SC !

  10-14,15,16-11 Able gets more select points in Boise!

  10-13&14-11 King  gets Select points in NM!

  10-13&14-11 Ivan gets his first points in Boise Idaho, then he gets best puppy in toy group!      

    Check out Woody's lovely show photo from his 5pt major, great job Bonnie!

  10-09/10-11  King and Kathy get 2 more BOB's  in Alamogordo NM!

  10-09-11 Able gets BOB for another 5 point major! Then a Group 2 !

  10-08-11 King and Kathy get BOB again in Alamogordo NM!

  10-07-11 King and Kathy get BOB in Alamogordo NM!

  10-02-11 Able gets BOB for another 5 point major!

    9-30-11 Able, Woody and Stella get 5 pt majors at
                                                                                                                           the Nevada Specialty shows

  9-25-11 Mary and Regan are off to a great start in agility! At their first trials they 
                                                                           earn NA NAJ titles with 4 first place finishes and 2 second place! WOW!

  9-20-11 Rosa goes to her new home with Nancy & Bob

  9-17-11 Spanky goes to his new home with Suzanne!

  9-15/17-11 Able wins 2 majors in Utah and is a new Champion!

  9-10-11 King gets a group 3 !

  9-10/11 Wil earns 4 GCH points!

  9-10-11 Woody wins 2 points at the Eugene Kennel Club Show!

   Able wins best puppy in specialty shows and best in sweeps twice!

      King is a Champion! Kathy finished King showing him 5 times with 4, 4 pt. majors

    Stella wins a major toward her Grand Championship

      Pouncer goes to his new home!

      6-04 & 05-11  King wins 2, 4 point majors in Colorado!

      6-04 & 05-11  Able gets BOW's both days in Yakima, WA.

      6-03-11  Rudy finishes his championship with a 4 pt major! Way to go Kathy & Rudy!

      5-30-11  Able gets another point going BOW in Placerville CA.

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